Diel Rockefeller, II

Our 6th great-grandfather is Captain Diel Rockefeller, Jr, an original American patriot who fought under the command of Colonel Robert Van Rensselaer at the Battle of Saratoga, the deciding battle in the American Revolution.  While I will continue to research the role of Diel in the battle, I have little doubt of his importance; there is a monument at the battlefield commemorating his and other Rockefeller’s service to this country.

  • Born on August 27th, 1739
  • Spouse: Anna Maria Maul 1743-1852
  • Parents: 
    • Diel Rockefeller Sr, 1695 – 1769
    • Anna Gertrude Alsdorf 1703 – 1769
  • Children (related to us, not through his second marriage):
    • Elizabeth Rockefeller 1763-1852  (This is our direct ancestor)
    • Philip Rockefeller 1765 – 1846
    • Frederick Rockefeller 1767 -1848
    • Mary Rockefeller 1769
    • Gertrude Rockefeller 1771
    • Catherine Rockefeller 1774
    • Jacob Rockefeller 1778
    • John Rockefeller 1776
  • Military Service:
    • Served in the Albany County Militia as Captain in the Tenth Regiment under Colonel Livingston
    • Served as Captain in the Eighth Regiment under Robert Van Rensselaer
    • Commissioned Captain on October 20th, 1775.
    • Fought in The Battle of Saratoga
  • Died on November 30th, 1811

The family line that brings us to Diel Rockefeller Jr, is as follows:

  • Grant FitzGerald – Father
    • Harold FitzGerald – Grandfather
      • Daisy Kisselburgh  – Great Grandmother
        • Abram Kisselburgh, Jr. – 2nd Great Grandfather
          • Abraham Kisselburgh – 3rd Great Grandfather
            • Katherine Harder – 4th Great Grandmother
              • Elizabeth Rockefeller – 5th Great Grandmother
                • Diel Rockefeller, Jr. – 6th Great Grandfather

From the book, The Transactions of the Rockefeller Family Association by Henry Oscar Rockefeller: diel-2


According to a baptism record from 1863, the year of Elizabeth’s birth, we have this information, that clearly shows Tiel (Diel) Rockefeller and Anna Maria Maul as Lisbeth’s (Elizabeth) parents:elizabeth-rockefeller-baptism

During the Revolution, Diel was under near constant service of Peter Livingston, specifically in 1776-1777 where in 1777 he went to Fort Edward during the Battle of Saratoga until three months after the surrender of General John Burgoyne. In 1779 or 1780, Diel found himself in Ballstown and Saratoga.  There is a bunch of information here to peruse about his service to the country.

Such was his service that a monument was erected in the Saratoga Battlefield grounds:


His grave site is located in Churchtown, New York at Saint Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery:



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