Christian Bollacker

Christian Bollacker was born in Prussia and emigrated to the United States in 1857.  I have quite a bit of information on Christian and his wife, Sofia.

  • Born: June 13th, 1842 in Prussia
  • Spouse: Sofia Banden  1849 – 1914
  • Parents:
    • Christian Fredrich Bollacker 1820 – 1880
    • Catherine Mar. Wuellner 1820 – 1880
  • Children:
    • Frederick 1868 – 1943
    • Louis Charles 1873 – 1929
    • Franklin 1876 – 1944
    • Ernest John 1880 – 1919
  • Died: 1911

The first instance of Christian that I find in the official record is his baptism on June 19th, 1842 in Evangelisch, Hille, Westfalen, Prussia, with Christian and Catherine listed as his parents.

Christian arrives in New York on the SS Attrena in June 1857.


Notice that an eight year old girl, who’s name was unknown somehow, passed on the voyage; proof that the trip was still extremely treacherous even in 1857.

By 1865, Christian is living with his in-laws in Schenectady and is working as a broom-maker.  Schenectady had a long history of broom-making, that continued up until the 1970’s.

bollacker 1865 census .jpg

In 1880, Christian has three sons: Freddie, Louis, and Franklin and is living at 52 Albany Street- he probably saw this particular building on the corner of Albany Street and Veeder Avenue every day.


Christian dies in 1911 and is buried in Amsterdam, New York with his beloved wife.


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