The Rockefeller Connection

We are related to the Rockefeller family, through Grandpa Fitz. Daisy Kisselburgh, Grandpa Fitz’s mother is a member of a family that we can trace back in to the 1600’s in this county.  Daisy’s grandmother was married to a man named Abram Kisselburgh; her name was Katherine Harder (Herder), who is the daughter of John Harder (1750-1824) and Elisabeth Rockefeller (1763-1852).

It is through Elizabeth that we have a connection to a one Diel Rockefeller, a captain in the Revolutionary War, and one who fought at the Battle of Saratoga.  The evidence that Elizabeth is Diel’s daughter begins with her baptism in 1763:


Note Tiel (Diel) Rockenfeller and his wife, Anna Maria Maul.

After poring through online references, I came across a passage from a book called The Transactions of the Rockefeller Family Association by Henry Oscar Rockefeller, which held in it confirmation of Elizabeth’s relation to Diel:


And finally, after researching the database at, I found this passage on John Harder’s entry:


Now, how does this relate us to John Davison Rockefeller?  He is our 6th cousin, 7 times removed.  The relation is through Diel Rockefeller Sr.’s great uncle Johannes Rockefeller who is JD Rockefeller’s 2nd great grandfather- in other words, we’re not getting any Rockefeller money any time soon.


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