William Keyser

Grandma Fitz’s grandfather on her father’s side was named William Keyser.  We lack many specifics of William’s life, but do have enough information to put together some interesting facts about him.

  • Born in November 1864
  • Spouse: Susan Kastner (Kasner) 1868 – 1953
  • Parents:
    • Abram Keyser 1842-1892
    • Elizabeth  1843 –
  • Children:
    • Charles A. Keyser 1888 -1959
    • Susan  Rose Keyser 1886
    • Laurina Keyser 1890
    • Gertie Keyser 1891
    • William Keyser 1898
    • Goldie Keyser 1900 – 1978
    • Paul Keyser 1906
  • Died in 1913

We first find an official record of Willam at age 7 in the 1870 U.S. Federal Census where he lives with his parents in New Paltz, New York.


By the time we get to 1880, William is 16 and is working at the quarry with his father Abram.


Apparently, Keysers working in quarries go farther back than we knew, which is probably why William died as young as he did at aged 49.  The story that was relayed to me by my father, Grant, is that William died from wounds received when half of his face was blown off in an accident that involved a blasting cap in his mouth.

And here, in the Poughkeepsie Eagle-News, we find the proof of this on September 12th, 1913:


His wife Susan lives another 40 years after being widowed.



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