Charles A. Keyser

Through Grandma Fitz, we have much information on her father, Charles A. Keyser.

  • Born June 2nd, 1888
  • Spouse: Nettie E. Ewel 1889 – 1950
  • Parents:
    • William Keyser 1864-1913
    • Susan Kastner (Kasner) 1868 – 1953
  • Children:
    • Charles W. Keyser 1909 –
    • Raymond Keyser 1913 -1999
    • Violet K. Keyser 1916 – 2011
    • Walter P. Keyser 1918 – 1999
  • Died December 14th, 1959

In 1900, according to the U.S. Federal Census, Charles A. was living with his parents and siblings in Rosendaletown in Ulster County, New York.  1900-keyser-censusBy 1905, the family had moved to Kingston, New York as is evidenced by the 1905 Census:
1905-keyser-censusIn 1908, at the age of around 19, Charles married Nettie (or Nittie) Ewel (or Avel, Evil, Aval) and in 1909, their first son was born, Charles W. Keyser.  Charles A. worked as a driver and rented a home on Hunter Street in Kingston.


In 1917, Charles had filled out his World War One draft registration card:


You can clearly see his signature at the bottom of the page, which I’ve enlarged belowcharles-a-keyser-signature
By 1920, the family had grown to include Raymond, Violet and Walter:


It lists in this census that he is now a cement worker, but for an unknown company.

The final bit of interesting information that we have is Charles W.’s World War Two draft registration card:



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