Albertus Reed Bollacker

Salbertus-bollacker-newspapero far, the most notorious member of our family that I have found is Albertus Reed Bollacker, a thief, a thug and all-around dumbass.  Born in 1912 in Schenectady to Ernest Bollacker- a Schenectady cop and Grandpa Bill’s uncle- Albertus turned to a life of crime fairly early on.  The first instance I have of his criminal stupidity is when he returns home to attend his mother’s funeral, even though he’s had a warrent for 4 years for petit larceny.

According to the news, he had been convicted of several misdemeanors and a felony prior to his capture in 1946 in Schenectady.

Amazingly, he was released on $50 bail.

Not amazingly, he quickly disappeared after posting bail.  Albertus is not exactly a master criminal.

The next instance we find Albertus in the news is a national release.  This guy was in hundreds of newspapers in 1952 as a member of the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

albertus-bollacker-newspaper-2.jpgIncredibly, we find as article from July, 1952 that explains that Albertus defrauded the government out of $7,700 which would be worth close to $70,000 in todays dollars.

Again, he posted bail and promptly fled.

The description here is gold, though:

Bollacker weighs over 300 pounds, has a very prominent double chin and exceptionally heavy jowls.  He is described as a “blow hard” with a displeasing personality, who jots down names and addresses at slight provocation.  He has previously worked as a typist, guitar player, seaman, cook, baker and butcher.

A draft dodger with the nickname ‘Tiny’?  Gold.



albertus-captured.jpgFinally, we end up with an article about his capture in September 1952.  Hilariously, his face was also flashed across TV screens- IN 1952! – which led to his capture.

We have a winner here!



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