Abram Keyser

Grandma Fitz’s great-grandfather on her father’s side was named Abram Keyser.  Abram is an interesting man, in that we have quite a bit of information on him, and some about his service to the Union Army during nearly the entire length of the Civil War.

  • Born in November 1842
  • Spouse: Elizabeth Lutes 1843-
  • Parents:
    • Abram Keyser Sr. 1820-1863
    • Mary 1830 –
  • Children:
    • William Keyser 1864 – 1913
  • Military Service:
    • 156th Infantry Regiment – The Mountain Legion
    • Served the entire existence of the regiment from 11/17/62 to 10/23/65
    • Fought in the battle at Fort Bisland
    • Fought in the long siege of Port Hudson
    • Fought in the Shenandoah campaign
    • Fought at Fisher’s Hill and Cedar Creek
    • Source: NYS Military Museum
  • Died in 1892

We first find Abram Keyser Jr. (or the 2nd) in the official record with his draft registration record in 1862 where he is 21 years old in Kingston, NY.  Listed also, is who I believe to be his father, Abram Keyser the 1st.


The next instance where Abram comes up, is his Civil War Muster Roll from 1862.  The information contained within is interesting-  he enlists on September 15th, 1862 in Kingston, NY and is mustered in in November 1862 with the 156th NY Regiment, Company C.  This record also lists his hair as brown, eyes as brown, with dark complexion at 5′ 8″ tall.


The 156th Infantry Regiment was active throughout the length of the war, with a couple engagements being extremely important to the Union cause, including the Battle of Cedar Creek.  According to Wikipedia:

At the conclusion of this battle, the final Confederate invasion of the North was effectively ended. The Confederacy was never again able to threaten Washington, D.C. through the Shenandoah Valley, nor protect one of its key economic bases in Virginia. The stunning Union victory aided the reelection of Abraham Lincoln and won Sheridan lasting fame.

A full, detailed history of the Mountain Legion can be found HERE.  I’ve also found a very interesting history of the 156th from a first person perspective HERE.

The regiment was disbanded on October 23rd, 1865 in Augusta, Georgia.  Abram returned home to his wife and son, William and is listed as a resident of New Paltz, NY.


By 1880, his family has grown and he is living in Kingston, NY.



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